Improving health one person at a time, one family at a time, and one community at a time through a seamless, comprehensive, integrated, and coordinated solution with amazing customer service and pricing for the best results.
Weight Loss

To help our clients lose weight in a healthy way that results in sustainable better health

Eating with Precision

To involve dietitians and chefs so that our clients learn what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat

Fitness with Precision

To promote fitness as a lifestyle and provide effective solutions that can be easily adopted and maintained for a lifetime

All-Natural Supplements

To provide the best supplements that will result in better health for all people

Online Services

To provide services to people regardless of location without compromising service, safety and results


To incorporate doctors worldwide by offering inclusive solutions that benefit doctors and their patients


A proven physician-based program with impressive results! Programs starting at $49/month!

Precision services and products are for all people regardless of gender, age, income, body type, activity level, blood type, medical condition, geographic location, and profession. Although you can choose and enjoy any of our products and services a la carte or individually, our best proven results come with the selection of one of our comprehensive packages which include the physician. Based on what you believe you need and your budget, we have the solution for you. And for those who don’t know what they need but desire the best value by getting the best results at the best price, please choose one of our physician-involved programs.

Services overview


At select Precision locations and Precision affiliates, you can receive a number of blood tests. We can test for particular hormones, cholesterol, thyroid, anemia, diabetes screening, liver function, kidney function, women’s health, men’s health and many more!


Mobile and Virtual Services

Precision Health is wherever you’re at! Getting healthier is now just a “tap” away. Visit us online with your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and select the services and products that you want, including virtual sessions with our doctors, dietitians and trainers. You can also sign up for FREE to get your own Personal Health Record that allows to securely communicate with our staff and physician while enabling to you to keep track of your health and other personal documents! Click HERE to get your started with your FREE personal health record.


Healthy Protein and Snacks

We feel that a healthy lifestyle consists of eating healthy foods and snacks frequently with appropriate portion control. Healthy protein makes this simple and easy. There are lots of protein products on the market. Unfortunately, many of these products will not get you the results that you are seeking. Our physicians and dietitians have hand-selected the proteins that work with our system and have made them available to you in our locations.