Precision Health is all about living healthy. From maintaining a healthy body weight to eating and exercising better, we believe in helping individuals, families, communities, and corporations achieve a better state of health. Founded by a physician and surgeon, we continue to believe that a medical doctor should still be involved in your health plans because the human body and the many medical conditions that many of us face are more complicated than we realize. At the same time, we have incorporated dietitians, fitness trainers, chefs, health coaches, and more into the Precision Health team of providers so that we can deliver world-class and industry-leading care and results to our clients. We are the industry’s respected leaders who respect our clients, and our skills are matched by our service and dedication.

“I love it when I hear our clients say, ‘I have tried everything including Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and hundreds or products and services, but I didn’t get results until I came to Precision! It has been easy, and I wish I had come earlier!'” Dr. Kelvin Brown

Precision Weight Loss Center was founded in 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia. It started as an extension of a very successful surgical practice as a need. It was apparent that many of the surgical patients and their families were either overweight or obese. Once the program was introduced, many patients and their families took advantage of the new products and services that were being offered. Then came the results! People went from losing one to two pounds per week to three to five pounds per week! The word got out, and more and more people from around Atlanta started coming. Precision Weight Loss Center then opened its first center solely dedicated to weight loss at its current Precision at Camp Creek location.

The successful results and word-of-mouth referrals continued at Precision at Camp Creek. Not only did people throughout Georgia start to come to Precision, people from around the world started to come! More locations followed, and we began to expand services to include healthy meals, fitness, aesthetics, and online sales. We refer to this full scope of services as Precision Health! We welcome you to Live with Precision!


Dr. Kelvin Brown, MD, MPH

Dr. Brown is one of the nation’s leading physicians. Having been recognized and invited by the White House, he still appreciates the enormous attention that he gets at the local level and throughout the United States. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee but now resides in Atlanta, Georgia where the Precision headquarters is based. He graduated medical school from the prestigious University of Alabama at Birmingham where he earned a full Presidential Scholarship and became a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society by finishing at the top of his medical school class. He subsequently completed his General Surgery internship and residency at Emory University Hospitals.

Dr. Brown also attained his Masters in Public Health with a focus in epidemiology from the highly-regarded Emory University School of Public Health, demonstrating is interest and expertise in worldwide public health issues. Having had experience in academia, hospitals, and private practice, Dr. Brown’s vision and plans for a healthier world are impressive. Part of his vision was the creation and growth of Precision Weight Loss Center into Precision Health and beyond. As a result, the culture at Precision is one of providing the best of products and services with the absolute best service in the most pleasant of environments in order to achieve unbeatable results at incredible prices!


The Precision Healthy Lifestyle is for everyone!

Although Precision Health is famous for its programs that yield quick and safe weight loss, we are just as popular for keeping people healthy! People of all ages come to our locations or shop online for our great and effective selection of protein meal replacements, famous injections, lab services, IV hydration, and all-natural healthy supplements. Precision is all things healthy, and who doesn’t want to be healthy and at their best? Therefore, when you think of a healthy lifestyle, you should consider living with Precision. From apparel and skin products to healthy meals and fitness equipment, we have you covered.