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It is 2018, and we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary at Precision Health and Weight Loss Centers!!! Although this means that we have done a lot of things right by helping thousands of people throughout the United States and by helping our clients lose well over 1,000,000 pounds, we are not satisfied with our past achievements! We continue to improve our staff, our products, and our services. If you are looking for a comprehensive health and wellness home, then look no further.

We offer laboratory testing, screening for many medical conditions, medical weight loss programs, Sermorelin,  appetite suppressants, vitamin B-12 injections, fat burner injections, Diet Super Pills, protein meal replacements, hormone weight loss products, fitness trainers, dietitians, and so much more!

Ask about our quick weight loss program for 0.5 to 1 pound per day loss! Choose our “Success” plan and lose 12-20 pounds per month on average! The famous Diet Super Pills can ONLY be found at Precision Health! Schedule here on our website or call us at 404-496-6028 (Central Scheduling Department Tu-Sat) or download our app in your app store by searching “Precision Health”.

NEW! NEW! NEW! Sermorelin Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Therapy for only $10/day!

Our team of experts includes physicians, fitness trainers, dietitians, chefs, and health coaches. Not only have we helped people from around the world lose millions of pounds, we have also helped people lose inches, feel better, have more energy, control a variety of medical conditions, and stay healthy. Call 404-496-6028 (Central Scheduling Department Tu-Sat) today! You deserve the healthy lifestyle that you desire.

Weight Loss with Precision

Weight Loss Done Right

We look at weight loss as something more than just losing pounds. It’s changing the lifestyle so that one can learn to eat better, incorporate exercise on a regular basis, and make other changes that will lead to lifelong results.” The weight loss program was founded by a physician, is supervised by physicians, and is more comprehensive than your typical program that only focuses on fitness training, protein, health coaching, or support groups alone. Start as low as $49/month! Our Success Package helps people lose 12-20 pounds per month on average!

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Eating with Precision

Healthy Eating Solutions

We love for our Precision clients to eat! With that said, we help our clients eat the right foods at the right times in the right amounts while making healthy selections and controlling portion size. We incorporate convenient protein meal replacements, delicious chef-prepared meals, and our proprietary food lists. Click the link below to learn more about our very popular 30-Day Transformation package!

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Fitness with precision

Fitness Alone is Not Enough

To get the most out of sweat, hard work, and time, we turn hard work into smart work! Our fitness advice, plans, and trainers are carefully and effectively incorporated into our lifestyle change of eating better, supporting the needs and demands of the body through the use of all-natural supplements, and getting the proper support and accountability for long-term success. Free basic fitness advice comes with our physician-involved programs. For clients who need more personalized fitness instruction or hands-on guidance and motivation from a trainer, one of our fitness trainers are ready and willing to assist you.

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21st Century Healthcare


We involve physicians in our health model! Doctors can do what they were trained to do as well as be part of the growing health and wellness industry. Both physicians and their patients benefit!

More than Fitness

Fitness Trainers

Our fitness trainers separate themselves from the pack by being more than just trainers. They educate, train, provide nutrition and supplements, and get results both for our clients and their bottomlines!

Cooking for Life

Chefs and Dietitians

Helping people eat healthy hasn’t been more rewarding and fulfilling. With Precision, you will help us provide advice, plans, and meals that complement the Precision health model that has helped thousands of people lead healthier lives. We work with the best so that we can provide the best because we take care of the best clients.


Precision Health is the comprehensive and effective 21st-century health model that is changing the landscape of health and weight loss. By working as a team that includes doctors, fitness trainers, dietitians, chefs, health coaches, and more, we are able to provide seamless integrated and coordinated care that benefits our clients and our group of providers.

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At Precision, regular exercise is a part of the healthy lifestyle. Although you don’t need a fitness trainer or gym membership to do well with our programs, some of our clients do best with additional accountability and guidance. If this is the case, we have the perfect fitness experts for whatever your needs and wants are. You can now receive this support in one of our locations, over the phone, via computer, in the comfort of your home, or at your workplace. We also host fitness classes at some of our facilities as well as put on fitness events in our local communities. We invite you to participate in some of these.

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