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It is 2018, and we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary at Precision Health and Weight Loss Centers!!! Although this means that we have done a lot of things right by helping thousands of people throughout the United States and by helping our clients lose well over 1,000,000 pounds, we are not satisfied with our past achievements! We continue to improve our staff, our products, and our services. If you are looking for a comprehensive health and wellness home, then look no further. Appetite suppressants as low as $45, Vitamin and Nutrient injections as low as $30, and full weight loss program as low as $279! For more options and pricing, please see our Price List under Products.

Weight Loss with Precision

Weight Loss Done Right

We look at weight loss as something more than just losing pounds. It’s changing the lifestyle so that one can learn to eat better, incorporate exercise on a regular basis, and make other changes that will lead to lifelong results.” The weight loss program was founded by a physician, is supervised by physicians, and is more comprehensive than your typical program that only focuses on fitness training, protein, health coaching, or support groups alone. Start as low as $49/month! Our Success Package helps people lose 12-20 pounds per month on average!

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Anti-Aging and Hormone Replacement

Feel and Look Younger while Losing Weight

As we age, the body experiences many unwanted changes. Many of these changes are caused by decreased levels of our own all-natural hormones. To correct and even avoid serious medical conditions, we must check and monitor these hormone levels while replenishing them, if needed. Hormones such as growth hormone, testosterone, and estrogen play critical roles in how we feel, sleep, burn fat, look, and maintain a healthy sex drive among other important things. Let Precision Health help you become the younger and healthier you. Restoring hormone levels have not be safer, easier and affordable than what Precision Health has to offer.

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New Age Vitamin Cocktails

Vitamin IV Therapy and Injections

Vitamins are necessary for many critical functions of a healthy body, and they are necessary for a healthy lifestyle and any diet. Regardless of activity level, age, dietary habits, weight, and gender, all people benefit from our proprietary vitamin cocktails when administered via intravenous method (IV Therapy and best method), intramuscular method (IM and great method), or intrathecal (directly into fatty tissue for ultimate targeting). Our new age vitamins will improve your energy level, metabolism, stress levels, clarity of thought, fat-burning, skin appearance, and performance! Get your vitamins with Precision today!

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21st Century Healthcare

Physician Supervised

We involve physicians in our health model along with fitness trainers and nutritionists. The human body and its physiology are quite complicated, requiring the expertise and training that only a well-qualified physician can provide. Precision Health let doctors do what they were trained to do. Both physician and their patients benefit!

More than Health

Precision Health Gives Back

Precision Health collaborates with many organizations and groups so that we collectively improve the lives of individuals and the roles of healthy communities. A percentage of all revenue is given to charities, community events, or to benefit the underserved. This is our commitment to being a good corporate neighbor.

Building Communities


Precision Health funds and supports running groups, fitness enthusiasts, cooking demonstrations, fitness events, and health awareness campaigns throughout the United States.


Precision Health is the comprehensive and effective 21st-century health model that is changing the landscape of health and weight loss. By working as a team that includes doctors, fitness trainers, dietitians, chefs, health coaches, and more, we are able to provide seamless integrated and coordinated care that benefits our clients and our group of providers.

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Precision Health proudly sponsors the Running with Precision Club (RWPC). The RWPC is a group of dedicated and committed people who enjoy exercising in the form of jogging and running. Although PHRC have runners at all levels, even walkers can get started with this dynamic group. RWPC is fun, supportive, and very giving of their time and talents. In addition, Precision Health passionately seeks to support and sponsor well-established fitness experts and fitness events throughout the United States. If you are one of these well-known athletes or represent one of these community health events, then Precision Health would like to hear from you!

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