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Appetite Suppressants (Adipex and Phentermine) as low as $40 per month!

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Weight management programs for women, men, and teens along with protein and all-natural supplements!

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Pills can be gotten anywhere! People come to Precision Health for safe results, value, and a healthy lifestyle! Precision Health has been getting results for clients throughout the United States since 2008. Veterans and Seniors receive 10% off regularly priced purchases (in office) every day. Teachers and Medical Professionals receive 5% off regularly priced purchases (in office) every day. See you soon.

We Redefined Meaningful Weight Loss

Weight Management Done Right

Weight loss is very important for so many reasons. Extra weight leads to cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea, early death, higher insurance premiums and much more. We realize this, and we have successfully helped people throughout the United States achieve healthier and better lives. Regardless of your age, gender, medical history, or budget, we can and will help you! It’s only $79 to start our proven, physician-supervised weight loss program that will not only get you the results that you want, but it will teach you how to keep the weight off through a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Our Success and Very Low Calorie Diet programs are great options.

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We Redefined Obesity Prevention

Prevention is Key

Why just react to the problem of being overweight or obese? The key is to either prevent one from becoming overweight in the first place or prevent one from regaining the weight that they worked hard to lose! We prevent both! Therefore, we accept clients who may currently have a “normal” weight or may be slightly overweight. We have many options for weight management and maintenance. We help clients of any age, starting at 12 years of age. Weight Maintenance and Healthy Eating programs are great options.

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We Redefined Health Optimization

Better You and Better Performance

Don’t just live life, but decide to live life at the fullest with more energy, clearer thought, higher metabolism, and better performance! What’s better than eating healthier? It’s eating healthier and also getting all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals without any additional calories by enjoying our life-changing injections, all-natural supplements, and intravenous (IV) vitamin therapies! Health Boosting injections and our proprietary Vegan Diet Super Pills are great options.

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21st Century Healthcare

Physician Supervised

We help clients develop a healthier lifestyle and optimize their health and fitness by involving physicians in our health model along with fitness trainers and nutritionists. The human body and its physiology are quite complicated, requiring the expertise and training that only a well-qualified physician can provide. Precision Health let doctors do what they were trained to do. Both physician and their patients benefit!

More than Health

Precision Health Gives Back

Precision Health collaborates with many organizations and groups so that we collectively improve the lives of individuals and the roles of healthy communities. A percentage of all revenue is given to charities, community events, or to benefit the underserved. This is our commitment to being a good corporate neighbor.

Building Communities


Precision Health funds and supports running groups, fitness enthusiasts, cooking demonstrations, fitness events, and health awareness campaigns throughout the United States.


Precision Health is the comprehensive and effective 21st-century health model that is changing the landscape of health and weight loss. By working as a team that includes doctors, fitness trainers, dietitians, chefs, health coaches, and more, we are able to provide seamless integrated and coordinated care that benefits our clients and our group of providers.

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Precision Health proudly sponsors the Running with Precision Club (RWPC). The RWPC is a group of dedicated and committed people who enjoy exercising in the form of jogging and running. Although RWPC have runners at all levels, even walkers can get started with this dynamic group. RWPC is fun, supportive, and very giving of their time and talents. In addition, Precision Health passionately seeks to support and sponsor well-established fitness experts and fitness events throughout the United States. If you are one of these well-known athletes or represent one of these community health events, then Precision Health would like to hear from you!

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